Organizing an effective supply chain requires significant analysis, insight, and a deep understanding of both foreign and domestic markets. We specialize in creating your optimum, rather than cheapest, supply of materials and finished products. With well-developed relationships throughout the United States, Asia, and Europe, we will tailor a plan specific to your needs.





Creating a successful go-to-market strategy requires an understanding of the products being developed, the end user, and what is needed to fulfill their needs. It also requires sales, and more than simply creating a marketing plan, we help you execute that plan with sales to generate the  revenue necessary to grow your firm.

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Whether your product is still an idea in your head, a rough sketch on a piece of paper, or one in production for two decades, our team of development experts can help. We will bring your new product idea to life, or work to improve the quality of your existing merchandise.

Product development

Few things are more frustrating than regulatory impediments to your business. We will help you address the challenges your business may face in the arena of public policy or regulatory compliance. Whether you need help to ensure proper compliance, or would like to organize an effective public communications campaign to articulate your challenges, we will work to create both short and long term solutions for you.